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New Boss down!

by MixMasterMeth, 3587 days ago

Down on our first night learning the strat. Insane guys, just awesome!

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Off to a GREAT start!

by MixMasterMeth, 3599 days ago

Gruuls Down!

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Mag Down!

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Reaver Down!

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Keep up the good work!

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New Partnership with Insomnia for 25 man content.

by MixMasterMeth, 3613 days ago

In an effort to push further into 25 man raid content, Rampage is working with Insomnia to get 25 consistent hardcore raiders together. The raiders selected to fill up our "half" of the raid group are listed in the Gruuls Raid on the left of the website.

This means two very important things for Rampage.

1. Wootage! We are going to see more content faster! The goal is to kill Gruuls, Reaver and then on to the EYE! Bring on the pain!!!!oneone111

2. Its been trying for us to fill a 25 man raid with the same people consistently enough to learn from one week to the next the strats needed to kill bosses such as Gruul and Reaver in the EYE. The flip side will be true with our new partnership. Filling 12-15 slots is... cake... and unfortunately this means some of our raiders will be left out for 25 man content. I am being quite frank here, there is no hidden agenda. I hope you (our raiders) will understand exactly why the decision was made to partner with another guild. We need to progress, and its not for a lack of skill, its very simply raid attendance from a consistent 25 people. The majority of the people we have recruited in Rampage are not hardcore raiders, or more accurately, raiders that will dedicate a few days a week and consistently be available. Its not a bad thing, but it is a hurdle in the area of progression. I am asking of the raiders not chosen to join this partnered 25man raid to not lose heart. Continue working on your character, gaining raid experience in Kara and building up your gear. Consider this time an oportunity to learn the intricate dynamics of your class and excell at your gameplay. It will be obvous who among our raiders want to get a slot in 25 man raids thru your continued hard work and dedication to the 10 man raid your currently signed up for.

As always, if you have any questions, just get with me or Misattitude in game.

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