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New Boss down!

by MixMasterMeth, 3466 days ago

Down on our first night learning the strat. Insane guys, just awesome!

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Off to a GREAT start!

by MixMasterMeth, 3478 days ago

Gruuls Down!

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Mag Down!

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Reaver Down!

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Keep up the good work!

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New Partnership with Insomnia for 25 man content.

by MixMasterMeth, 3493 days ago

In an effort to push further into 25 man raid content, Rampage is working with Insomnia to get 25 consistent hardcore raiders together. The raiders selected to fill up our "half" of the raid group are listed in the Gruuls Raid on the left of the website.

This means two very important things for Rampage.

1. Wootage! We are going to see more content faster! The goal is to kill Gruuls, Reaver and then on to the EYE! Bring on the pain!!!!oneone111

2. Its been trying for us to fill a 25 man raid with the same people consistently enough to learn from one week to the next the strats needed to kill bosses such as Gruul and Reaver in the EYE. The flip side will be true with our new partnership. Filling 12-15 slots is... cake... and unfortunately this means some of our raiders will be left out for 25 man content. I am being quite frank here, there is no hidden agenda. I hope you (our raiders) will understand exactly why the decision was made to partner with another guild. We need to progress, and its not for a lack of skill, its very simply raid attendance from a consistent 25 people. The majority of the people we have recruited in Rampage are not hardcore raiders, or more accurately, raiders that will dedicate a few days a week and consistently be available. Its not a bad thing, but it is a hurdle in the area of progression. I am asking of the raiders not chosen to join this partnered 25man raid to not lose heart. Continue working on your character, gaining raid experience in Kara and building up your gear. Consider this time an oportunity to learn the intricate dynamics of your class and excell at your gameplay. It will be obvous who among our raiders want to get a slot in 25 man raids thru your continued hard work and dedication to the 10 man raid your currently signed up for.

As always, if you have any questions, just get with me or Misattitude in game.

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Amazing Kara Raid

by MixMasterMeth, 3559 days ago

Well, most of group 3 were not going to be able to make a Saturday raid this week, due to schedule conflicts in real life. Instead we went on Thursday night. It was just going to be a fast 4 hour Prince run. Instead, we cleared Kara in 3 hours and 45 minutes.... including Netherspite, Nightbane and Prince. Every single boss was one shot..... As always, it is an honor to play with these people, and I count myself priviledged to raid with them. Here are a couple screen shots of Nightbane (a week old or so) and Netherspite from last night. Enjoy!


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Current Rampage Raids

by MixMasterMeth, 3578 days ago

Each of our raids are broken out individually under Section Links on the left. We've also listed all our scheduled weekly raids under the Raids section for a more complete sequential list.

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Sunday Gruuls

by MixMasterMeth, 3582 days ago

10/30/2007 Update:
I am back on graves, and so .... bring on the pain!!!!! Happy


As most of you already know, I am moving from Grave shift to Swing shift at work. Due to this schedule change I am not going to be able to lead the Gruul raids on Sunday. I would like to hand that responsibility over to our already well established raid assists Tridom, Dwingo, Bandit, Wasu, and Misattitude. I have the macro I typically use posted in the Gruuls Raid section on the main page of our web site, just in case that would be helpful. I am sure you all will treat the people leading Gruuls with the same respect you have shown me in the last few months of raiding.


Thank you,
Footloose, FootLoosie, Tankchic, Palemedes
-=Gear can be epic. Friendship can be legendary.=-

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Raid Loot Rules updated!

by MixMasterMeth, 3594 days ago

Due to the fact that we are growing and recruiting a lot of new raiders, Rule #2 has been updated. The update is in BOLD. Please head on over to the Raid Loot Rules page and check it out.

Thank you,

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Kara Groups

by Misattitude, 3594 days ago

Good News! Rampage is really starting to grow with lots of great new people joining every week! In an effort to keep our raid groups moving forward with consistent raiders who want to progress, we see the need to implement a few basic rules that each raider must follow to maintain a permanent spot in either Kara Groups 1, 2 or 3. The majority of our members already follow these rules. However, with new raiders we wanted to make sure everyone knows what is expected of them.

#1. Be on time for the raid. This means you will be logged in at 5:45pm server time, repaired and ready for invite. You should have sufficient reagents to last 4 hours of raiding. (Mages – Priests - Druids 40-60, Paladins please bring at least 200 – 300, Shamans 5 ankhs). Please bring a minimum of 5 mana potions for casters and 5 health potions for melee as well as 20 bandages.

#2. Stay for the ENTIRE raid 6:00-10:00pm on your specified night. If you have to leave/be late due to an emergency that is fine, but be warned if you leave early 3 times in a 2-month period you will no longer be able to maintain your permanent spot and it will be given to the next person in line that can fill your position. This is to ensure that we have a consistent group and do not have to sub on a regular basis. The Raid Leader will record late arrivals and early departures. People who fail to show up without notice may lose their raid group position on their second strike. If you are not going to be able to attend the raid please let the Raid Leader know as soon as possible so they are given adequate time to find a sub for that night. If 48 hours notice is given it will not count toward the 3 strikes.

We have a lot of people who are looking to get into a Kara group. If you can’t commit to the days and times of your raid group, you are welcome to be a sub, however, people who are assigned to a raid group are expected to be on time, repaired, ready and stay the entire raid weekly.

If you have questions or concerns please talk with your Raid Leader. All Raid Leaders are listed on the web site under your group on the home page.

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Prince Down!

by Misattitude, 3608 days ago

Great job everyone who went to Kara last night! Grats to Tridom and his new T4 helm!

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Class types Rampage could really use

by MixMasterMeth, 3624 days ago

We really want to finish building out raid 3 and to do that we need a couple more specific classes:

2 x Holy Paladin/Priest
1 x Prot Warrior
1 x Warlock [Approximately 9-10k HP]
1 x Shadow Priest

If you know anyone [RL friend, online friend, person you have grouped with] looking for a friendly raiding guild, that matches the list above please have them put in an application.


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